Leadership Capability Framework

Building capacity in local government means developing great leaders, leaders with world class skills and characteristics capable of navigating the complexities of the sector.

Pilot Group

A pilot group has been established to assist in the further development and evaluation of the framework.

Terms of Reference

Guidelines for Feedback

To receive a copy of the framework or to join the Pilot Group please email: executive@lgprofessionalssa.org.au


Pilot Group

A pilot group is being established to assist in the further development and evaluation of the framework.

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Terms of Reference

Guidelines for Feedback

To register your interest in being a part of the Pilot Group please e-mail:


About the Framework

The purpose of this Leadership Capability Framework is to enable councils to work collaboratively and have a common understanding of the capabilities and the behaviours that support and develop those capabilities, required at all levels of leadership.

It is a resource for engaging with the different categories of leadership within a council and provides a transparent framework with the types of capabilities and behaviours that would be reasonably expected of a person within each of the leadership categories.

It has the potential to link to broader human resource and organisation development objectives including employee attraction, recruitment, development, performance assessment and retention through the articulation of specific behaviours and performance outcomes.

This framework was developed by Executive Education, University of Adelaide on behalf of Local Government Professionals Australia, SA and was financed by a grant from the Local Government Association. 

The Framework recognises four types of leadership:

Individual:  Leadership is at all levels of a council and the framework acknowledges the important role and contribution of individuals.

Team Leader:  This category refers to those responsible for daily management of front-line staff, including both internal and external work teams.

Middle Leader:  This category includes department and function leaders.

Executive:  This category includes the CEO and the General Managers or Directors reporting to the CEO and forming the executive team.

Note: Not all leadership categories will necessarily apply to all councils.

The capability foundations covered in this framework are:

Vision and strategic thinking

Achieves results

Business performance

Working Relationships

Personal drive, professionalism and integrity

Develops self and others

Manage resources and risk

Health, safety and wellbeing

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