Whether you are at the beginning, middle or latter stage of your local government career, we offer a program to suit your professional development needs. We are here for our members and are highly committed to the sector. All of our programs are developed by the sector for the sector, and our goal is to support you throughout your career journey.

Our range of Short Programs are an effective, efficient and affordable way to develop new skills to enhance your local government career.


>Conversations That Matter
19 November
Useful skills and strategies to lead conversations that build relationships and improve performance.


>Failing by Design
Learn how failure will help you and your council be successful and sustainable in an increasingly complex environment.

>Building an Innovation Culture
Building innovation is no longer the role and responsibility of a few, it is everyone’s responsibility.

>Leading More Effective Stakeholder Engagement
Enhance your stakeholder engagement strategies to achieve better outcomes.

>Enhanced Speaking & Presenting for Leaders
Strategies to capture and influence your audience from the very start to the very end.

>Future Readiness: Fit for the Future Framework
What can councils learn from organisations like Spotify, Google, Airbnb and Uber to thrive in the future?

>Influencing Skills for Positive Outcomes
Be a more influential, collaborative and adaptive leader in order to achieve mutually beneficial outcomes.

>Navigating the Road to Retirement
Planning for retirement is about much more than money – plan today to prepare for the retirement lifestyle that you really want.

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