Interview with new LGA CEO, Matt Pinnegar

19 Nov 2015 8:55 PM | Anonymous

We recently took the opportunity to chat to Matt Pinnegar, the new CEO of the LGA SA.  We were keen to understand Matt's approach to this role and his plans for the LGA, but we also wanted to know a bit about him as well. 

Matt's straight-talking approach makes for very interesting reading....

Hi Matt - What’s your current role, and what does it involve?
CEO of LGA SA.  The Local Government Association provides services, support and leadership to SA Councils for the benefit of the community. It is recognised as the peak representative body for Local Government in this State and prides itself on being the Voice of Local Government South Australia. The Association provides leadership to councils and representation outwards to State and Federal governments and other key stakeholders. 

Where were you before this role? (i.e. what is your work background/career path so far)
I was the external affairs manager for BP in South Australia working on an offshore exploration program. Prior to this I worked in the state government as an adviser and Chief of Staff to the Minister for Transport Energy and Infrastructure and before this I was a ministerial adviser to Rory McEwen Minister for State and Local Government relations.
What skills and experience from your career background will be most relevant to the LGA CEO  role?
A strong understanding of state and local government, strategy,  advocacy and intergovernmental relations. From my time with BP I hope to bring some of the culture, values and behaviours of a super major that has existed since the early 1900's.

What attracted you to the LGA role? 
I am passionate about South Australia. Local government is the sphere closest to communities and I want to assist the local government sector get better for the benefit of the communities we enable. I have worked with local government for most of my career and have always respected the sector.

What motivates you? - what will you find most interesting or exciting about working with the local government sector?
I am dealing with South Australia's community leaders on a daily basis. Everyday I work with people who are passionate about making South Australia better. The sector has a fantastic and diverse skill set and the challenges and opportunities are rich and varied.

Speaking about your current role - what is your plan for your first 12 months?  What do you want to have achieved in this role by Christmas, 2016?
By Christmas 2016 I hope to have met with as many council members as possible. I also hope to have secured a greater role for communities in the proposed planning reforms and progressed a new strategic plan for the Association to be endorsed in January. A governance review should also be well underway by then.

Personally, who is Matt Pinnegar as a person?  What do you like to do with your leisure time - and how would your friends describe you?
I got married in my second week of the job and had a Monday off!  My son is 15 and I enjoy spending time with him and guiding him through some of the most important years of his life. I love music and spend leisure time listening out for hidden gems in new artists.

Do you have an embarrassing 'work moment' that you can share?
 I didn't know how to tie a tie when I started at the LGA! I have progressed to a half Windsor with the help of YouTube but still need a  mirror. Thank you to everyone that helped tie my ties until this job.

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