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Our members work in a variety of fields within local government from Community Development to Planning to Finance to Human Resources. They also have a variety of special interests such as staying in touch with alumni from a past LG Professionals program they've attended or connecting with counterparts in other councils.


To keep our members better connected, informed, and engaged, we have established the concept of LG Professionals Member Networks.


The functions of a Network include:

·         To promote networking and professional development opportunities

·         To be a professional group – i.e. a group from whom the LGA, State or Commonwealth may seek comment on policy issues

·         To promote the sector and the important role our members undertake in Local Government and related organisations.

·         To establish strategic alliances with other key associations.

·         To represent South Australia in the relevant national bodies in order to provide further networking on issues / best practice in Australia and overseas 


Network Members have access to blogs and forums on a variety of topics relevant to the Network.

Networks are governed by a Network Coordinating Committee.


Generic Network Terms of Reference can be found here.


To be a member of any LG Professionals SA Member Network, you must be a member of LG Professionals SA and opt in to the Network in your Member Profile.


Current LG Professionals SA Member Networks include:


CEO Network

General Managers Network

Community Managers Network

Leaders Alumni Network

Women's Network

HR Network


If you are interested in starting an LG Professionals SA Member Network or in joining one please contact admin@lgprofessionalssa.org.au

Mailing Address:  5 Hauteville Tce EASTWOOD   Phone: 8291-7990   Fax: 8451-1568   E-mail: admin@lgprofessionalssa.org.au

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